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Pampa Single Malt

The denomination of Pampa Single Malt identifies the origin of the distillery, located in Luján, Buenos Aires province, Argentina. The Pampa region is one of the richest in the country, especially the area known as “Pampa Húmeda”, which is where EM&C is situated.

Our distillery was set up in 2015 by brothers, Carlos and Santiago Mignone, for the production of Single Malt Whisky, following the specifications of the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA).

The production process is carried out in facilities designed and built under the supervision of Carlos. The stills are made entirely of copper and were soldered with copper too. These were made following our own design in 2015 and 2016. All the other equipment is made of stainless steel.

Whisky EM&C - Emilio Mignone y cía - Whisky Pampa Single Malt - Argentina

Single Malt Classic

The Classic is a Pampa Single Malt made with distilling malt, imported from Scotland, thus improving the quality of the whisky.The Classic is maturing in ex-whisky, ex-bourbon and ex-sherry first fill American oak barrels. During 2019 the first production of whisky made in 2016 will be sold in 750ml bottles with two strengths: 43°ABV and 46°ABV. While we wait, we are going to monitor the process of transforming spirits to whisky, trying to understand each phase of aromas, colours and flavours from the smooth transparency of freshly distilled malt to the more complex, golden aromas and flavours rendered by maturing in wood.

Whisky EM&C - Emilio Mignone y cía - Whisky Pampa Single Malt - Argentina

Single Malt Peated

The Peated is a Pampa Single Malt made with Heavily Peated Malt imported from Scotland. The unmistakable smoky aroma and flavour produces excellent spirits in the process of becoming a great whisky. Produced since the beginning of 2017, the Single Malt Peated is maturing in ex-sherry and ex-whisky American oak barrels where the spirits are acquiring a complex aroma and flavour from the wood and this will become an excellent whisky. With a soft, golden colour, it promises to be a great whisky which we are hoping to market at the beginning of 2020. The Pampa Single Malt Peated will be sold in 750mls bottles in two strengths: 43°ABV and 46°ABV.